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A Little Of What We Craft


Free Application for Maternal and Child Health

In partnership with Population Services International (PSI), we have developed maymay, an exciting new maternal and child health app. Users receive daily messages timed to the 9 months of their pregnancy plus the first three years of their baby’s life.

maymay also features a doctor locator where users can look up thousands of doctors, including PSI Sun clinic doctors by specialty and location. Users can also browse and order baby and maternal products and communicate with PSI doctors and nurses via Viber, Messenger, and phone telemedicine.

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No more paperwork

Myanmar's tax workers are bogging down with an amazing amount of paperwork they have to fill out every time they do tax collections. We're eliminating that in partnership with The Asia Foundation.

That's not the only thing we're doing. Stay tuned for more of our work in this space!

HMIS [Health Management Information System]

Hospital Management System

Built for low-resource contexts
We're working with prominent hospitals in Myanmar to introduce HMIS software that actually works in low-resource contexts. This software aims to break the mold: be software that clinicians actually enjoy using.

Helps both patients and clincians
At its worst, HMIS software turns clinicians into glorified accountants and disrupts the patient-doctor interaction. Ours won't.